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Nuestros Programas

Casa de Niños

El plan de estudios de primaria Montessori para niños de tres a seis años les brinda la oportunidad de desarrollar su autoconfianza, enfoque e identidad propia a través de la vida práctica, el trabajo académico y la experiencia social y emocional.


Azalea Grows outdoor program

One of our unique program offerings is our Azalea Grows program. Every three weeks a group of children will spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings outside. They may study plants, make art, cook with food harvested from the garden, and feed the chickens. One third of the class goes each week, giving each child an opportunity to connect with the outdoors in a small group.


We go outside for at least a short period of time if the temperature is above 25 degrees and below 90. We provide rain suits and boots for puddle-filled adventures, provided it's not a torrential downpour and there is no lightning! Our goal is to have the children enjoy their time outdoors, so in truly inclement weather we adapt our activities for indoors. 

We have limited availability in our Azalea Grows program as standalone enrollment. If you are interested in the option of having your child join us every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning without signing up for our Montessori education program, please contact us.

After-school Program

We offer an after-school program daily from 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. This is a more traditional program that offers children the opportunity to make crafts, work on cooking projects, read, explore themed activities, and engage in imaginary play. Typically, our enrollment allows for full-time, part-time, or as-needed participation.


El niño que ha sentido un fuerte amor por su entorno y por todas las criaturas vivientes, que ha descubierto la alegría y el entusiasmo en el trabajo, nos da motivos para esperar que la humanidad pueda desarrollarse en una nueva dirección.


- Dra. María Montessori

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